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First week as fresh meat

I started my freshman year of high school on a Wednesday. I don’t remember too much about the first day (so it was either uneventful or so traumatizing that I blocked it out of my memory). Regardless, I know I was nervous. I had a couple of my new friends from cheerleading and the musical in my classes. And I am positive I didn’t talk to anyone but them for that first week. My mom and I calculated that I had my first football game that day as well. I also don’t remember that, but I am sure that was the most excited I ever was to do Push-Up Time.

Side note: Some great child of God (the term I use for people who are not quite my favorite) thought it would be a great idea to create this cheer called Push-Up Time. For the fall season aka football season, the cheerleaders would do push-ups every time our team scored. So if the team scored a touchdown and got a field goal, we would do seven push-ups. The next time they scored a touchdown and field goal and the score changed from seven to thirteen to fourteen, the cheerleaders would do fourteen pushups. This went on for the entirety of the game, regardless of the score. We did this cheer on turf, gravel, in mud, all of the above. Like I said it wasn’t my favorite, because who does that many push-ups?

The stage called my name

The second day of school was the first day of the musical performances. My school didn’t, and doesn’t, have a stage to perform on. So our performance was at our local community college. Compared to the church stages I had previously performed on and the classroom we practiced in, this stage was HUGE. I don’t remember much else from the first performance, but I do remember it going well.

My most prominent memory of the first week of school happened that Friday. As you may have picked up by now, I was a really shy and anxious bean of a chile. So while walking to class, I was focused on not getting lost in the multi-level school. I had this idea that if I stayed quiet and didn’t make eye contact with anyone that I would slowly turn invisible. To my surprise, this wasn’t true.

I went to my honors geometry class and sat in my assigned seat. Meaning well, my teacher mentioned that she saw the musical last night. Which was cool, I guess. And then she mentioned that she saw me in it. Not as cool. I slumped down in my chair. Everyone turned to look at me, which made matters even worse.

Side note:

  1. I loved being the center of attention, but only when I wanted it. On the stage or the field, I was in my domain. I anticipated the attention, so I was okay with that. It was only when I was unexpectedly made the center of attention. That was when I wish I could turn invisible or sink through the floor below me.

  2. I always found it interesting when people were surprised by hobbies. People who met me outside of those atmospheres would never guess that I was such a vibrant cheerleader and actress. Which in hindsight makes sense. But to me, I was just Asia. I was always just doing me. Besides, I was really only shy around people I didn’t know. And once you get to know your team or the rest of the actors on stage, they aren’t as scary. Plus, neither of which involved having real conversations with people.

The remainder of the musical performances went well and we finally finished the following Sunday. I was excited to get some rest after all the long nights of rehearsals. And I could truly say at this point I was excited for the year to come. I knew I was going to have fun cheering and do well in my classes, or so I thought.

To the girl who thought she never could…

Never let others define you. You can be shy or an anxious individual and still be an excellent cheerleader or still be a great actress. Or you could be the most outgoing person and hate the spotlight. It’s your life, you make the rules. Enjoy it as you please (as long as you’re not hurting anyone).

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