Hi everyone!

My name is Asia Woods and welcome to my blog “To the Girl Who Never Thought She Could.” As the oldest child and grandchild, I didn’t have any non-familial role models that looked like who I would grow up to be, a Black woman. Consequently, I made a lot of guesses and got a LOT wrong. In this blog, I will share my experiences and give my former self advice. My goal is to inform, encourage, and provide support to those who feel alone or misunderstood. Hopefully, it will shed light on some of the rarely mentioned aspects of life, college, etc.

Fast Facts

  • I am a…

  • 23 years old

  • Black Woman

  • Former cheerleader

  • Former theatre kid

  • (Newly-Found) Lifelong Dyslexic

  • Plant mom!

  • (Soon to be former) Person with Anxiety

  • (Soon to be former) Person with Depression

  • I have obtained a…

  • High School Diploma (May 2016)

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering (December 2020)

  • Master of Science (pending December 2021)

  • (Self-proclaimed) Cool Kid Card

  • In my free time I…

  • Spend too much time watching tv

  • Am trying to get back into reading

  • Like to color in my coloring book

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